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The Comptroller’s Office manages all financial matters of the City. The Comptroller inspects the collection of salaries, invoices, unpaid bills, and asset management. The Comptroller prepares and maintains the City budget and tax levy. The Comptroller also undertakes cash management of the City and all investing and borrowing activities. If you have any questions, you can reach the Comptroller’s office at (217) 345-5650.

City Budget
The City's budget year begins May 1st of each year after City Council approves in April. The current approved budget, as previous budgets, are available below.
Property Tax Levy
The Comptroller files the property tax levy for public inspection. The property tax levy gets approved each year in December. The County calculates PTELL limiting rates on our levy and bills the taxpayers. The most recent tax levy is available below.

Comptroller Staff

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Heather Kuykendall, City Comptroller Kara Rudolphi, Accounts Payable Julie Stewart, Ambulance Billing
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City Budget3 documents

  • Proposed FY23-24 Budget.pdf
  • FY 21-22 Budget
  • FY 2020-2021 Budget

Property Tax Levy4 documents

  • Tax Levy 2022 to be collected in 2023
  • Tax Levy 2021 to be collected 2022
  • Tax Levy 2018 to be collected in 2019
  • Tax Levy 2017 to be collected 2018

Financial Statements4 documents

  • City of Charleston April 30, 2022 Financial Statement
  • City of Charleston April 30, 2021 Financial Statement
  • City of Charleston April 30, 2020 Financial Statement
  • City of Charleston April 30, 2019 Financial Statement