Public Works

The Public Works Department is divided into the Engineering, Streets, Utilities, Water, and Wastewater departments.  The primary responsibility of the Public Works Department is to maintain the city's infrastructure.

Mission: The Public Works Department strives to continually maintain and improve the City of Charleston's streets, utility, water, and sewer services.

Engineering:  The Engineering Department performs planning, design, contract, and bid specification preparation; contract administration, surveying, and GIS applications.

Street Department: Responsible for maintaining, traffic signals, sidewalks, signage, storm sewers, pavement markings, snow and ice control, and right of way vegetation maintenance.

Utility Department: Responsible for the maintenance and construction of the water distribution system, and sanitary sewer system.

Water Treatment Plant: Responsible for the purification and distribution of clean water throughout the City.

Waste Water Treatment Plant: Responsible for the treatment of the City's sanitary sewage and maintenance of all sanitary lift stations.

Tim Zimmer
Tim Zimmer, Assistant Director Public Works