City Directory

The City of Charleston consists the following departments: Administration, City Clerk, Comptroller, Fire, Information Services, Parks & Recreation, Planning, Police, and Public Works.

The workforce consists of 128 full-time employees under the direction of these Department Directors.

Phone Directory
City of Charleston Phone Directory

Email Directory
City of Charleston Email Directory
Phone Directory
Phone Directory
Automated System 217-345-2484
City Hall, Main Desk 217-345-5650
City Attorney 217-345-4012
City Clerk 217-345-8426
City Manager 217-345-5650
City Planner 217-345-8452
Comptroller 217-345-8430
Electrical Inspector 217-345-8461
E.S.D.A 217-348-0581
Fire & Police Board 217-345-5650
Fire Department 217-345-2132
Human Resources 217-345-8428
Information Services 217-345-8453
Maintenance Dept 217-345-2049
Mayor 217-345-5650
Police Department 217-348-5221
Plumbing Inspector 217-345-6123
Public Works Director 217-345-8455
Recreation Director 217-345-6897
Street Department 217-345-5811
Utility Department 217-348-0824
Water Department 217-345-8431
Water Treatment Plant 217-345-2977
Waste Water Treatment 217-345-2413
Email Directory
Email Directory
City Hall, Main Desk             
City Clerk                                
City Manager                         
City Planner                           

Council Member Malak      
Council Member Hutti        
Council Member Lahr          
Council Member Newell      

Electrical Inspector               
Fire & Police Board               
Fire Department                   

Human Resources              
Information Services           
Legal Secretary                     
Mayor Combs                        

Police Department              
Plumbing Inspector            
Public Works Director         

Recreation Director              
Recreation Department      
Recreation Supervisor         
Athletic Supervisor               
Tourism & Special Events    

Water Department               
Water Treatment Plant        
Waste Water Plant