Snow Removal

Snow_Removal_MapThe Street Department divides the city into six sections with at least one truck in each section.  We will start snow and ice removal on busy streets first.  Plowing will start within 3 hours after the snow stops falling, the main streets will be cleared.  At that time, snow and ice removal begins on side streets, which include residential streets, cul-de-sacs, and City-owned parking lots.  These are done within 8 hours after the snow stops falling.  Snow and ice crews will work around the clock until snow and ice removal is done.

Emergency snow routes will be in effect for any snowfall of two inches or more.  

  • City Square (downtown)
  • 6th Street from Lincoln Avenue to Rail Road Avenue
  • 7th Street from Lincoln Avenue to Olive Street
  • Harrison Avenue from Division Street to 18th Street
  • Jackson Avenue from Division Street to 18th Street
  • Monroe Avenue from Division Street to 18th Street
  • Grant Avenue from 4th Street to University Avenue
  • 10th Street from Lincoln Avenue to Monroe Avenue
  • 11th Street from Lincoln Avenue to Monroe Avenue
Cars still on Emergency Snow Routes after the time given by Public Works will be towed prior to plowing.  Parking is not allowed on these streets until Public Works cancels the Emergency Snow Routes.  Never assume that parking is allowed because plows have been down the street.

Snow Tips

Please help make snow removal more cost-effective and safer by observing the following suggestions:

Your Charleston Snow Remover Team would like to offer these tips to make winter in Charleston a little easier on all of us.

  • If possible, when it starts to snow, please remove your car from the street until snow removal is complete.
  • When snow is in the forecast, be prepared by going to the grocery stores, banks, etc., before it snows.  The less traffic we have to deal with, the faster we can work.
  • If you park on snow routes, you must move your car after 2” of snow accumulation.  This includes the town square-area.
  • Never tailgate a plow truck!  If you can’t see the mirrors on the truck – they can’t see you.
  • Wait until roads are cleared curb-to-curb, before cleaning your drive.  Once we start a street it will be cleared curb to curb.
  • Do not put snow into the street.  This could cause an accident.
  • Don’t let your children build snow tunnels or forts close to any street.
  • Beware of snowplow trucks backing up.  Be sure to give them plenty of room.
  • Beware when walking, as the snow coming off the snowplow could be dangerous.
  • Children love watching snow removal equipment and playing in berms left by snowplowing.  Everyone should be cautioned to stay a safe distance away!  Please help avoid a tragedy for everyone and direct children not to build tunnels, forts, or play in snow berms anywhere near a roadway or in cul-de-sacs.
  • Residents who remove snow from their driveways or sidewalks are reminded that municipal ordinances prohibit placing snow or ice on any public street.
  • Utilize available off-street parking.  Vehicles parked on streets become obstructions to snowplowing.  As snowplows pass around parked cars, extra snow is deposited behind and in front of parked cars, which is often where driveways are.  Return trips to clean vacated parking spaces fills driveways with snow again. Help us make it easier for you.
  • Mailboxes are occasionally damaged during snow removal operations.  For damage complaints, call the Street Department at (217) 345-5650. We will do our best to clear the streets quickly and efficiently.  By following these tips you will make it a safer winter for all of us.