Charleston Street Department has a crew that maintains and manages the City sidewalk repairs.  This work is accomplished through our Sidewalk Participation Program. This program provides property owners the opportunity to replace existing sidewalks on City right-of-ways.

The OWNER will perform all labor and buy all materials, excluding concrete, necessary to prepare the sidewalk improvement for the delivery of concrete.  The OWNER shall notify the Street Superintendent (345-5811) twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the delivery of the concrete.  The city shall then order the concrete necessary to complete the sidewalk improvement.  It shall be the responsibility of the OWNER to finish the concrete once the delivery has been made.  Thickness shall be four (4) inches minimum, six (6) inches through a driveway.  Width shall match the current width minimum of four (4) feet.  Forms shall be inspected by City personnel before pouring concrete.  The city shall pay 100% of the cost of the concrete necessary to complete this improvement and only this improvement. 

Sidewalk Participation Forms can be obtained below or can be picked up at City Hall, Mayor's Office, 520 Jackson Avenue, Charleston (217) 345-5650.

Please contact the Concrete Section of Public Work’s Operations if tripping hazards are identified.  Temporary repairs will be made with asphalt until a permanent repair is completed.