Charleston Trees of Merit Program

The Charleston Tree Commission believes that community involvement is essential for the conservation of this shared natural resource.  The Tree of Merit program serves to recognize and appreciate the role of trees in our daily lives.

Trees of Merit Nomination Form


  1. BUR OAK (1)—east side of Old Main on EIU Campus (since removed).
  2. BLACK OAK (1)—Morton Park (past state champion)—east side (now a Lincoln carving).
  3. TRI COLOR BEECH (1)—1312 Douglas Drive.
  4. GINGKO BILOBA (4)—EIU Campus—between Old Main and MLK Jr. Student Union.
  5. DAWN REDWOOD (2)—EIU Campus—north side of Life Sciences Building.
  6. BALD CYPRESS (10)—EIU Campus—east side of MLK Jr. Student Union.
  7. HACKBERRY (1) State Champion—1402 Decker Springs Road
  8. WHITE OAK (1)—2424 Salem Road in backyard.
  9. EUROPEAN BEECH (1)—1018 9th Street.
  10. AMERICAN ELM (1)—1519 Division Street (removed due to storm damage).
  11. SWAMP WHITE OAK (1)—15 Orchard Drive in backyard (partially removed).
  12. LONDON PLANE TREE (1)—EIU Campus—west side of Pemberton Hall.
  13. NORTHERN CATALPA (3)—16 West Harrison Avenue.
  14. MIMOSA (2)—1216 Douglas Drive—south side of home.
  15. COTTONWOOD (1)—EIU Campus—northeast corner of MLK Jr. Student Union.
  16. BALD CYPRESS (2)—1509 Jefferson Avenue.
  17. SOURWOOD (1)—south 18th Street.
  18. AMERICAN BEECH (2)—east side of 4th Street across from 2310 4th Street—EIU property.
  19. BLACK OAK (1)—Charleston Country Club golf course at the 16th Hole.
  20. GOLDEN RAIN TREE (1)—corner of 4th and Walnut Streets.
  21. TAMARISK or SALT CEDAR (1)—1715 Douglas Drive.
  22. SWAMP WHITE OAK (1)—Nursery Road.


  1. CHINQUAPIN OAK (1)—(Bob Wagoner—source)—6th Street, south of Polk Avenue at about 1011 6th Street. (Potential State Champion?)
  2. CRIMEAN LINDEN (1)—southeast corner of 15th Street and Jackson Avenue.